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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Give competitions a go!

I've only ever entered four competitions.
One I heard nothing about.
Another was a writers forum one, which came with a very helpful critique from Sue Moorcroft, which was great.
One was for childrens writers academy and didn't come anywhere, but did get a letter asking if I was interested in their writing course as my entry was in the top 300 of 2000. Wasn't really sure whether to take heart in that as the cynic in me suspects that they merely want to sell their course. Which is fair enough. I can't afford a writing course, so merely filed the letter away with my huge file full of rejection letter etc.
I also entered a poem in Animal Antics Comp last year. Didn't win , but my poem has been selected to go in the Crazy for Creatures anthology, which is due out this month I believe. So that feels good, can't wait to see that!
Anyway, I just decided to enter a Spike-the-cat comp found on Sally's Competition Calendar, which I recommend checking out, a brilliant list with lots of info and entry due by dates.
Might as well have a try. Got to be in it to win it as my Mum would say.

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  1. I never get anywhere in comps, so I've sort of given up to concentrate on the women's mags.


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