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Hi, welcome to my blog, I am a writer of short stories, children's and YA novels . An acceptance from People's Friend finally made me a published writer! Yeah, happy days! I have since had stories published in The Weekly News and The Last Laugh anthology. My main love is writing children's/YA novels...I'm now enduring a fruitless search for an agent... I also draw and paint, I like to draw animals (usually my adorable crazy cats!)Occasionally famous people and motorcycles.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Finding Time

I really need more time in the day.
I've done some writing this evening and I subbed another story this morning, so was feeling quite pleased, but when will I ever get around to reading the four books on my bedside table?
Reading the current published books in the genre you are aiming to write for is essential, I have three young adult books to read and a 'chic lit' that I got for Mother's Day. March! That's last year!
So if anyone finds some time lying around could you sent it to me? Thank you.

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