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Friday, 22 January 2010

choosing a book by its cover.

I have finally read my mother's day gift. It was '10 reasons not to fall in love' by Linda Green. My daughter admitted she picked it up because it had a pretty cover...OK.
I didn't think it was my cup of tea and I couldn't really get into it as it began with the main character, Jo, starting back at work, having been left on her own with her baby son on his first birthday. To make matters worse her ex was now her boss.
I thought it might be rather bitter, however at chapter 5 I was suddenly engrossed. I think the reason being that this chapter had a flashback to childhood of Jo's new boyfriend, who was thoroughly lovely. It was unusual and I really liked that style.
I also think possibly I prefer reading observations from a child's point of view.
It was actually much deeper than I expected and the boyfrend's back story was quite heart wrenching. It wasn't the 'fluffy' read I was expecting.
So, you really can't judge a book by its cover. I think someone may have said that before... : )

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