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Hi, welcome to my blog, I am a writer of short stories, children's and YA novels . An acceptance from People's Friend finally made me a published writer! Yeah, happy days! I have since had stories published in The Weekly News and The Last Laugh anthology. My main love is writing children's/YA novels...I'm now enduring a fruitless search for an agent... I also draw and paint, I like to draw animals (usually my adorable crazy cats!)Occasionally famous people and motorcycles.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Just wanted to say 'Happy Easter!'
Another gorgeous day, I'm so tired, lolling about in the sun is hard work!
I feel a little bit sick having eaten a full cadbury egg with mini eggs, a chocolate bunny full of smarties and several creme eggs.(we did an egg hunt for the hidden creme eggs, it wasn't a great idea as it was very hot in the garden. The finds were rather squishy, but still yummy!!)
I was going to make a roast dinner, but forget it, it's too hot. We're having sandwiches!
I hope you're having a great day, do you still want Easter eggs now you're all grown-up? I know I do ;)

Saturday, 9 April 2011

lazy days

This is my Milly moo,

She's just lolling about stretching in the sun, she loves those dried up crunchy leaves! She's so cute when it's nice weather, she loves the family being outdoors, she shows off!
So, HOT HOT today. thought I'd do a bit of writing out on the laptop. Of course life is not that simple and I couldn't see the screen with the glare from the super sunshine. So I threw my cardigan over my head and made a little 'tent' over me and laptop. It was alright for a few minutes, then I got too hot. Then my battery went dead, so I took it as a sign that my laptop doesn't like sunshine and took it inside.
So, all I managed was a comment on one blog. No other writing of any productive style at all.
And...why is it there are never any ice cubes when you need them? Just empty trays in the freezer. Why do people do that? Had to resort to chopping up an ice pop to put in my drink.
Oh well. It's sunny. I'm happy. :)
Has it been a lazy Saturday for you?