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Hi, welcome to my blog, I am a writer of short stories, children's and YA novels . An acceptance from People's Friend finally made me a published writer! Yeah, happy days! I have since had stories published in The Weekly News and The Last Laugh anthology. My main love is writing children's/YA novels...I'm now enduring a fruitless search for an agent... I also draw and paint, I like to draw animals (usually my adorable crazy cats!)Occasionally famous people and motorcycles.

Friday, 8 January 2010

getting organised

I've just made a list of writing tasks to complete.

1 Finish childrens sci fi adventure novel, this is finished but needs a serious re draft.

2 Finish girly supernatural story, this has been half finished for at least 6 years. I was reading through my rejection letters and found one for this. From 2004. First of all, What was I thinking, sending off a half finished story to a publisher???
Secondly, took pleasure in reading the handwritten note which said 'this story is an ingenious idea, so sorry we don't have room for it in our lists.'
At the time, I didn't realise how encouraged I should have been by this. I just thought 'that's a no then'. But, looking with fresh, slighly more experienced eyes, I'm thinking. Ingenious?? Why on earth didn't I finish this and try again?? What an idiot!

3. Finish my first attempt at a pocket novel, one-third complete. Thank you, Sally for the advice there.

4. Re-write children's fantasy novel, which again is complete, but, basically, pretty rubbish. The central character is actually sixteen and in the end falls deeply in love with her soul mate from the fourteenth century, as you do, so I'm wondering if targeting it for childrens/teens is the best plan?
So, a re think there.

5. Re write younger children's story which is okay, but not good. You know when something is just not right? I first began it 20 years ago. Wow! that makes me seem old! I think it's a bit too 'Enid Blyton', because she was my favourite writer as a child. Have to move with the times...

6. Another one, young kids book, same again really, although this ones's not finsihed at all.

7. Try and write something really really good for Take a Break which Norah can't refuse!!

8. Find a home for short story which has had good responses but not an acceptence as yet.

The list goes on.....
So basically I need to sit down and finish a task, but I always wander and remember another thing I wanted to do...

So, I must FOCUS!
Maybe noe I've written my list on here, I'll get on with it. Hmm.

Good luck to anyone with similar to-do lists. Let me know how it's going! x


  1. Sounds like you're going to be busy.


  2. I have a list of things 'To Do' by the end of this month and am slowly getting through them. I always seem to have lists on the go and I think it reminds me what I need to do.

  3. Yep, perhaps a bit too busy. If I get through even half of that by next New Year, I'll be glad!

    I have another to do list relating to decorating, buying new lampshades and that sort of thing, I'm pretty sure I wrote a similar list last year. Oh well.

  4. Mine's also scary. And I'm with you on Number 7!

  5. Hi Helen,
    I had a lovely email from Norah last year after I enquired about a possible 'fallen down the back of a radiator' event. She was so nice, told me she'd liked my story, but readers may not 'get it'. I was pretty pleased with the fact she liked it at all.
    I've had a nosy around your blog, I see you've been published many a time in Woman's Weekly! Any tips? Hehe, I always get a standard rejection which is so frustrat1ing.
    I remember reading 'baby steps'. It was a lovely moving story.
    Congratulations on your many short story successes!


I appreciate all your comments, thank you!