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Hi, welcome to my blog, I am a writer of short stories, children's and YA novels . An acceptance from People's Friend finally made me a published writer! Yeah, happy days! I have since had stories published in The Weekly News and The Last Laugh anthology. My main love is writing children's/YA novels...I'm now enduring a fruitless search for an agent... I also draw and paint, I like to draw animals (usually my adorable crazy cats!)Occasionally famous people and motorcycles.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

What to do?

Sorry I've not been here much, I'd love to say I've been busy writing away in a feverish frenzy, or sunning myself on a glamorous holiday.

(I wish!) Alas no, I've been decorating -yawn. Painting walls, glossing the doors, wall papering. Finally almost done, just the ceiling on the landing to paint.

I haven't written anything new for two weeks! I did send a story to a competition, it's one of the first short stories I wrote, back in 2002 ish, but I haven't been able to place it anywhere, I'm very fond of it though, so haven't given up on it yet.

Anyway I have just been thinking about how reliant I've become on my mobile phone. The other day, I had a short errand to run in the car, did that, then on the way back, I decided to pop in the supermarket for some chocolate (as I do frequently). I thought I'd call home, see if anyone wanted anything and...no!!! The bag was empty (not totally empty obviously, there were till receipts, bits of tissues, sweet wrappers and my lipgloss, but no phone! I must confess to an immediate panic. Had I dropped it? Left it in the car? Had somone sneakily taken it from my bag? Of course not, idiot, you left it on the sofa! I replied to myself.

Ok, so no big deal, I bought the usual bits and bobs that are normally requested of me and hurried back to the car. I hurried because I realisse they'd be wondering where was, as I hadn't said I would be off shopping. Then on the way home I found myself thinking, 'what if the car breaks down?'
Honestly. I felt alone without the little pocket sized assistant. Then I thought, 'Get a grip, woman! How did we ever manage before?'

Well that's true. When I was young I'd set off to school with a 'bye' to mum and that was that, they had to assume I'd safely walk the half mile to school, safely remain at school all day, safely walk home from school and be safely home at 4 o clock. Now though, when anyone leaves the house, what do I say?
"Have you got your phone?"

Ah, the mobile phone. They were quite a rarity back in the day, huge brick weight things, that cost a fortune to buy, not to mention to actually use! Then along came Pay-as-you-go and gradually we all have a phone, camera, diary, calculator, gaming console, mp3 and moble internet in something so small you can pop it in your jeans pocket. But what if it runs out of battery or ahem, gets left on the sofa at home. What do you do in an emergency? Do many of us actually know the numbers we have stored in out phones? (I do now, but I didn't the other day)

So, my recommended emergency measures :
1.Memerising the most important numbers in your phone, so that you can use a phone box should your battery be flat.

2.Carrying a charger in your car (this only works if you have got the phone with you)

3. If you haven't got the phone, you could hope and pray that a public phone box exists somewhere in the vicinity. (There's only one near where I live, there used to be four. BT know they aren't needed. Why? Because we all have mobile phones. Grrrgh!)

4.If you're lucky enough to break down near a shopping area, you could just purchase a new phone for about twenty quid! Then again, if the shops are nearby and open, chances are you can ask to use a phone anyway. Save your twenty quid, you can go shopping while you wait for help to arrive!

5.If all else fails and there is no phone around, you may have to risk asking a passer by for help, also hoping and praying that said passer-by is not one of those people with psycopathic tendancies, that the mobile phone is meant to protect us from...How exactly? I suppose you could throw it at an assailant and run for it (that might have been better when they weighed as much as a brick)

Yes, I know, no help whatsoever.


  1. I bet your house looks lovely now, so all the hard work will have been worth it!

    Mobile phones. Where to start? Yes, I get panicky if I think I've misplaced it, but not as bad as when I thought I'd lost my memory stick the other day, the one with all my writing backed up on it. I went into meltdown until I found it.

    Some days I wouldn't be without my phone, but others I curse it. I switch it off and hide it away. Why? For a few minutes peace!

  2. I felt a twinge of guilt on reading that you has been decorating - I have been putting off wielding the paintbrush.

    My mobile phone is an embarrassing old 'brick' and I don't use it much. Great for emergencies though, like when I was involved in a crash one Christmas Eve....

  3. Oh dear!!! At least you got your chocolate! And good luck with your DIY-ing!

    I think what I still can't get used to these days are the hands-free mobile phones. I still think it's a crazy person talking to themselves until I realise that they're using such devices.

    Oh and no, I don;t have a mobile phone. One of two people on this planet I think! LOL!

    GOOD LUCK with your short story - it will find a home!! It will!

    Take care

  4. One time I did go out without my mobile recently we witnessed a car crash and at one point it looked like we might have to call an ambulance. Luckily J had his phone on him and even more luckily the people in the crash weren't hurt but it did make me curse myself for having left it behind. Of course if that had happened a few years ago I wouldn't have had a mobile and would have had to find phone box or knock on someone's door to use phone. How times have changed.

  5. I think I've become less reliant on my mobile than ever before. In fact... even when I go out, I usually leave it behind. I don't like to be at its beck and call!

  6. Decorating can be really fun! I'm always shocked when I don't have my phone. I feel naked and not as all powerful when I do :)

  7. I hate forgetting my mobile - I'm always convinced the school will try to call (despite the fact they haven't called once in 9 years).

    Glad the decorating's going well.


  8. Hello - I am so pleased to tell you that you won fourth prize in my blog contest! Can you email me on jayneferstATyahoo.com? Cheers, and congratulations!

  9. I can't believe how much we rely on our mobiles. - Makes me wonder how we ever coped without them.


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