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Monday, 16 August 2010

Finally a bit more sun!

It has rained constantly for weeks and my little apple tree was looking rather sorry for itself. Several small dodgy looking apples had dropped on the ground. I made some apple puree with them though, it was actually really nice! (The five spoons of sugar may have helped)

I'm rubbish at gardening, the slugs have destroyed my petunias :(

At least the sun is out today, I might be inspired to write something sunny. Last week I finished a story where somebody drowned in the end. Hmm perhaps all that rain was getting to me?

I took this photo last week of this little bee, he was busy going from clover to clover and it was quite fascinating to watch him, I though he was quite cute!
Co-incidently last night's Countryfile on BBC had an article about bees. They are in serious decline and landowners are being encouraged to grow wildflowers such as clover to attract the bees. They are pretty essential in our lives as they account for seventy five percent of pollination! I then felt incredibly guiilty as I've just mowed the lawn! No more clover. So sorry, bees! Please come back!

How do you feel about bees? Any tips on encouraging them into the garden?


  1. Lots of bees visit our garden and I love them. They appeared very early this year and enjoyed the Pulmonaria. Currently their favourite stopping-off place is a large and sprawling Golden Marjoram. Every year at this time I itch to hack it back, but wait until the bees have finished enjoying it. They seem to like blue and purple colours best.

    Hope you are inspired to some sunny writing.:-)

  2. The more bees the better!! I've only got a pot plant garden but they seem to attract lots of hover flies and a few bees. They love - absolutely and compeletely love - the cranesbills - hardy geraniums - they can't get enough of that. And lavender and roses.

    Your apple puree sounds yummy!!!! Oh this weather!! Let's hope for a summery end to August.

    GOOD LUCK with your story writing! Glad the rain and the sun are inspiring you!!!

    Take care

  3. It's sunny here too - finally!

    I don't mind bees but when I was teaching and one flew into the classroom and caused such a fuss, I confess I grew to almost hating them!

    I know they're important though so I'm sure I'll come around again!

  4. I'm sure they'll be back with their little life jackets. Around here they need Sun Screen 1000.
    The TV guy promises rain but I think he counts when someone is able to spit.

  5. I get a fair few bees in my garden. But my garden is a jungle at the moment and I don't really recommend that.

  6. Thank you all for your pro-bee comments!
    I will look out for the plants suggested if I ever make it to the garden centre (car is misbehaving)
    Mary - bees in life jackets, what a cute image!

  7. I love bees, except when they're in our chimney. Unfortunately, we had to get them removed as the flat below are opening up their fireplace. I felt so guilty, but as the pest man said, they are in the wrong place. Still feel bad, though.

    Your apple tree tale reminds me of the house I lived in as a teenager. We had three apple trees and it was always my job to pick up the apples, including the rotten ones!

  8. I'm all for bees (don't ask me about wasps though). We grow wildflowers, fruit trees and 3 different types of berries (lots of flowers there). Our apple tree is almost finished here, I'm going to take the last few and make them and some blackberries into a hot hedgerow chutney today.


I appreciate all your comments, thank you!