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Hi, welcome to my blog, I am a writer of short stories, children's and YA novels . An acceptance from People's Friend finally made me a published writer! Yeah, happy days! I have since had stories published in The Weekly News and The Last Laugh anthology. My main love is writing children's/YA novels...I'm now enduring a fruitless search for an agent... I also draw and paint, I like to draw animals (usually my adorable crazy cats!)Occasionally famous people and motorcycles.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hmm seem to be repeating myself

Yes, well I was just thinking of how I need to get organized, mainly I need to finish one thing at a time, instead of having half a dozen stories on the go.
I thought I might make a list. As I was doing so it all sounded rather familiar. Was this some spooky de-ja-vu? No, I just had a look at last Jan's post with New Year ish type resolution lists.
Rather irritatingly, I don't think I've managed any of those things.

1. Sci fi novel: I did do a serious edit and it's finished but...I'm not 100 percent happy with it yet.

2. Girls supernatural story. I have worked on it but it's not finished. I will make it a priority!

3.Pocket novel. Gave up 10 000 words in. Don't know where I'm going with it.

4. Fantasy novel. Have decided it's a teen book and I still love it, but it's not finished.

5. Children's novel. Needed re write and I started but didn't finish...

6.Another children's book. Still not finished, I think I managed one more chapter.

7. Write something for TAB. Still not managed that one!

8.Find home for favourite short story. Sent to a competition, still there, so not sure about that one.

So that's pretty much what I still have to do, one year on. Perhaps this year I should narrow down the list. Just finish one of those darn novels woman!

Sorry to bore you all with my lists. I'm good at making lists, not so good at completing what's on them, how about you? List writer or List completer?


  1. How many novels and stories are your writing simultaneously?!?! WOW!!! I am in AWE!! Wow!!!

    Well I think no. 4 the fantasy novel would be a great one to finish cos you're obviously loving it!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

    Lists?!?! I keep them for grocery shopping! LOL!! Seriously though, I'm to disorganised and unfocused so maybe I should start listing things!!

    Take care

  2. You sure are writing lots of books simultaneously. How are you managing? I am envious!

    I am trying to be a list completer. Hopefully I will be able to do that this year. Complete everything I started last year.

  3. Gosh - well done you for having so many pots on the boil at once, and who can blame you if the odd project keeps making its way for one to-do list to another :-)
    Trouble with me and lists is that I have a tendency - once I've written everything down, that needs doing - to think OK, that's it - all done!
    Good luck with working your way through all your writing projects - and I agree with Old Kitty - that fantasy one sounds a good place to start, because you love it :-)
    All best

  4. I'm a big list maker, as like you I tend to start more things than I can finish and I have spells of it all getting rather overwhelming. I think it's good to complete the easiest task on the list, the one you can do quickest with least work. Then you can tick one thing off and have a sense of achievement about that.

  5. Wow, I'm so impressed by your ability to work on different projects! I'm not much of a list writer these days. It just stresses me out.

  6. I make endless lists and never complete what's on them, so I do sympathise.

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments,
    I must stress these stories have been hanging around waiting to be finished for between one and ten years. Ten!
    I think Joanne might be right, finish the smallest task first. My attempt at steaming ahead with the most demanding task on the list certainly hasn't worked for me!

  8. I've got loads of things on the go that I don't think I'll ever finish. I used to make lists and in the end I had a fit of the screaming abdabs and ripped it to shreds. Do what makes you happy :-)

  9. Hi....there is an award for you on my blog.

  10. Teresa, 'The screaming abdabs' hehe I like that.

    Rachna, Thank you so much!

  11. I'm very impressed you have so many idead. I seem to be running out of them :-(


  12. Oooh no - have just seen that typo - some days I shouldn't be allowed out.



  13. Aw Suzanne that's ok,I do that all the time!


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