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Monday, 27 August 2012

A book fit for a novel

Thank you for your help with the never ending novel dilemma.

I did decide to change it, it wasn't quite right, I knew that, or I wouldn't have been dithering so much! So,  I put in the extra scene, I am finding it very tricky and time consuming to seamlessly weave the new events into the book, but it will be better when I'm done.

The reason I asked my teen to read it, is that she loves reading and writing and is very imaginative. She is in a group of young writers (online) and she is a very good critic.  It helps me to know what sort of things they like to read and write about, so her feedback is very constructive. Anyway I will be really glad when this story is properly finished as it has taken me way too long now, it's just getting ridiculous!

My new WIP is 20k words in, and I have just made the decision to hand write it at the same time, mainly because I got this lovely new journal for my birthday! So I have made a start and I think it is going to be helpful, I like to see words on pages, real pages. It is a spine chilling supernatural mystery thriller romance, hehe. Snappy genre.  I am really enjoying it, it is very spooky and sometimes I scare myself whilst working on it.:)

I wonder if anyone could recommend a publisher for this genre? That is, teen supernatural. I would very much appreciate any tips. I know of the mainstream publishers, but I was wondering about e-publishers?
Thank you!!


  1. You could try Piccadilly Press.

    1. Thanks, Pat. Piccadilly Press and Anderson Press are top of my list. They are the ones I always try first, as I once got a few words of encouragement from them! xx

  2. A "spine chilling supernatural mystery thriller romance" for teens!! Amazing!!!! Of course there are publishers for this - there must be!!! Won't the Children's Writer's and Artist's Yearbook have lists? I hope so!!! Good luck!!

    And yay for you for HANDWRITING your novel! You are too awesome and so is your gorgeous notebook!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Take care

    1. Thank you!! Handwriting is pretty new to me these days, my arm is aching!
      :) xx

  3. Oh what a beautiful notebook :-) And how lovely you have the feedback from your own teen :-) It sounds brilliant - just the sort of thing teens love x

  4. I love that notebook.

    Your new wip sounds fascinating - the kind of thing I'd love to buy so I especially hope you find the right publisher soon.


  5. Well done for getting so far into your new WIP and in such a pretty notebook. It sounds a fantastic read.
    Asking your own teen for feedback is a marvellous idea. I sometimes ask mine for verification if I'm writing contemporary dialogue and am not sure which words they'd use.
    I'm sure it won't be long before your novel is entirely finished. I've been weaving a new thread into mine and it really is a major task. Just imagine how good it's going to feel when you come to the end and know for sure that you have put everything into it that you possibly can. I can't wait to reach that stage now. It's not that I want to stop, but I sort of feel I owe it to the novel.
    Best of luck with everything and let us know how it goes. x

  6. Sounds a great story and well done on getting feedback from your teen! My tween book (Summer of the Eagles) is epublished by MuseItUp Publishing in Canada so that might be an option to try.


I appreciate all your comments, thank you!