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Thursday, 23 December 2010

I'm sure Christmas didn't used to be like this.

Is it all a fantastical illsusion, this memory I have of happy Christmases gone by? Happy days sledging, eating tangerines ( do they even exist anymore? All I ever get are clementines which are too small and hard to peel) by the fireside. I even remember Christmas shopping as being a fun experience, I remember dragging my mum around the shops buying gifts for all my friends. Although, it's possible I was having fun and she was merely putting on a brave face and struggling on regardless.
Now when I mention Christmas, it's always followed by the word 'stressful'. Grrrgh. And I've got a bad cold. Boo.
I'm fed up with all the adverts on TV, you know, the 'what a great gift idea, only £499' sort of thing. I mean, when did £499 become an acceptable amount to spend on a gift???
That just isn't the point of Christmas is it?
Maybe it was always like this and I was too happy in my own world to notice. Well, I'm not going outside now until Tuesday, or Wednesday next week. I'm staying in with my laptop, my Harry Potter Dvds and my old favourite pc game, Thief. Good times. Sniffle.... oh and my tissues.
I still love Christmas day, presents around the tree and Christmas dinner and oodles of chocolate.
Hope you all have a lovely Christmas!


  1. Oh penandpaints!! For me the worst adverts that the telly churns out at this time are the perfume ads. LOL!!

    It's so weird isn't it to have idealised memories of christmas?? I mean I'm a sentimental old kitty and I just adore the idea of christmas from the decorating to the gift giving - but when I really think back on these christmasses past maybe they were all just a nice dream!

    But like you I'm quite ill and I've already told all and sunder that given the ice and snow and lack of reliable transport, I am staying put in my home with my cat, a hot water bottle, my pc, radio times, dvds and snugglies and I am not ever emerging until maybe next week! LOL!!

    I hope you feel better - please do rest and enjoy your christmas! I say if you are happy with whatever you are doing at this time then good for you!!!

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! Take care

  2. I loved Christmas as a child. As an adult I enjoy the festive food and drink and don't mind the cooking, but it is no longer a magical time.

    Hope your bad cold disappears and that you have a pleasant and cosy restful time. Happy Christmas!

  3. It's the pricey 'stocking fillers' that get me - since when did £10 become a stocking filler gift? I did love Christmas as a child - toys were so much fun. The magic and sparkle is now found in quieter moments - whereas as a child they were easy to find, now I have to purposely create them and seek them out. Your Christmas plans sound lovely - wish you better, and enjoy being inside and cosy! Happy Christmas!

  4. Old Kitty, aw you're poorly too, then it's okay to give you a hug seeing as were both full of germs! Hehe. I love the cosiness of winter evenings, perfect for dvd's. Happy Christmas to you too, I hope you feel better soon!

    Christine, thank you, I wish you a lovely Christmas, I hope it's a little bit magical.

    Jayne, I know!! I saw a £40 mp3 advertised as 'great stocking filler' Hmph. Craziness!
    Happy Christmas to you!

  5. Hope you feel better really soon. I do get nostalgic for childhood Christmases, but then I wonder if it was all really as nice as I remember it. I'm sure there were still the simmering tensions between relations forced to spend more time together than any of them were used to. But, yes, the material aspect of Christmas now is surely more intense than it used to be. Have a happy one! x

  6. Hi....wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  7. It's definitely not the same anymore...

    Hope you feel better.

    Merry Christmas.


  8. Hi
    Thanks for your visit to my blog :-) Glad your frozen pipes proved simple to fix. We are thawing properly, here, now (at least, I think we are, but with visibility down to 18 inches, due to the fog, I can't be sure!)
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and all the very best for 2011.
    BTW, I absolutely agree about those memories of yesteryear. Satsuma sustitutes don't even smell the same as the real thing!

  9. I'm with Old Kitty - I detest the perfume adverts!

    I hope your cold got better and that you were able to enjoy Christmas!

  10. Flu tried to blight our Christmas, but with the healthier members of the family rallying round to help, I think we rediscovered some of that elusive magic that has largely disappeared. I was so touched by my husband and twenty-year-old daughter cooking Boxing Day lunch together with incredible team spirit despite never having tackled an entire roast before. I'll never forget the smiles of pleasure and satisfaction on their faces as they served it up to the rest of us.


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