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Hi, welcome to my blog, I am a writer of short stories, children's and YA novels . An acceptance from People's Friend finally made me a published writer! Yeah, happy days! I have since had stories published in The Weekly News and The Last Laugh anthology. My main love is writing children's/YA novels...I'm now enduring a fruitless search for an agent... I also draw and paint, I like to draw animals (usually my adorable crazy cats!)Occasionally famous people and motorcycles.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Marmalade Plot

I have finally put my children's book on kindle (also in paperback) :0
The link is on the right if anyone wants a quick peek.
The story is for age 7+

I can't tell you how many times this has been edited, loaded and uploaded repeatedly! I finally said, enough! It's there now, leave it be!

There is one problem, I wasn't able to edit the paperback subtitle, so it differs from the Kindle version, which is correctly subtitled 'The Xanlean Exchange', instead of 'Xanleans are everywhere' so I hope that's not too confusing. There are Xanleans in both titles so hopefully that will be OK. I think the only way around it is to unpublish and begin again but, phew, been there, done that!

 As I have probably mentioned numerous times, I think the traditional publishing route is so hard to get into, this may be just what I have been looking for, so I will see how it goes!

This process began in November, it is now February. I think more speed next time!
Right I am off to begin editing, stop for a break, and then procrastinate a little more until March or April.

Happy February! x


  1. Awwwww wow!! That's just brilliant!! Off I go to have a gander!! WELL DONE you!!!!! You so deserve to rest (procrastinate? Jamais!!) a little! Take care

  2. Well done on getting your novel out! It looks great.

    1. Hi Rosemary,
      Thank you, I do like the cover,I may venture into my own design next time, but getting the hang of the design template is yet another thing to master !

  3. That's brilliant news! I love the title and cover x

  4. Hi Teresa!
    Thank you! Got there in the end! Sort of :) x

  5. Lots of luck with this, penandpaints. xx


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