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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Just wanted to say 'Happy Easter!'
Another gorgeous day, I'm so tired, lolling about in the sun is hard work!
I feel a little bit sick having eaten a full cadbury egg with mini eggs, a chocolate bunny full of smarties and several creme eggs.(we did an egg hunt for the hidden creme eggs, it wasn't a great idea as it was very hot in the garden. The finds were rather squishy, but still yummy!!)
I was going to make a roast dinner, but forget it, it's too hot. We're having sandwiches!
I hope you're having a great day, do you still want Easter eggs now you're all grown-up? I know I do ;)


  1. Happy Easter to you too! Eating Cadbury eggs is an excellent way to celebrate it! In fact, I think I'll go find one for myself...

  2. Happy Eater (sorry, EaSter!) to you too - your chocfest sounds lovely ...
    Enjoy the rest of the break
    All best

  3. Awwww!! Wasn't today just GORGEOUS?!?! I am so loving this bank holiday weekend and ignoring the naysayers that are predicting bad weather next week!! Booooo to them!!!

    Yay for your chocolate egg hunting!! What a bounty!!! Someone wrote in to the Metro asking why there wasn't a Bounty easter egg full of coconut filling and I couldn't agree more!!

    I not only had my lovely easter egg but ate three quarters of my simnel cake plus a load of hot cross buns too! LOVELY!!!

    Yay that you are having a brilliant Easter penandpaints!!!! Take care

  4. Happy Easter, penandpaints. I've eaten my fair share of creme eggs today, too.


  5. It's Easter Monday here and has turned drizzly and cold after three beautiful hot days. I've had one creme egg. I'm being very good this year!! :) Happy Easter X

  6. I was worn out from the heat after cooking a roast dinner and the thought of chocolate afterwards didn't appeal, until I started with one Cadbury's Hero. And of course that led to several more...

  7. Happy Easter - we did without the roast dinner too - but we did not do without the chocolate!

  8. Hope you had a good Easter. I, too, have overstuffed on chocolate (which will continue today!).

  9. I ate a whole packet of mini eggs and then regretted it. (But only a little bit.)

  10. Ooh, I'm a bit late! Hope you had a good one! x

  11. Hi Heather, absolutely, you can't have too many when it's a celebration.

    Hi Karla, hehe, thank you, hope you had a lovely day!

    Hi Old Kitty, the weather has been amazing, and that's a very good point about the Bounty, why ever not??? Also I think they should do a giant creme egg that's actually filled with the fondant stuff. Gooey goodness.

    Hi Suz
    Well, it has to be done :)

    Hi Niki, Happy Easter and well done on your good behaviour egg-wise!

    Hi Joanna
    You poor thing cooking a big meal on a hot day. Everyone was quite relieved that we just had sandwiches, I think we'd all had a few chocs too many!

    Hi Theresa,
    Ah, I'm not the only one :)

    Hi Rosemary, long may it continue!

    Hi Helen, ah mini eggs, what can you do?

    Hi Amanda, I did, thank you! I hope you had a lovely Easter too! x

  12. Never too old for Easter eggs! Although I was given a chocolate bunny this year, and felt quite guilty biting it's little ears off.

  13. I love to watch my grandchildren enjoying them.

    What a cute picture. It made me smile.
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  14. I have awarded you the versatile blog award. If you're happy to accept it ann you need to do is tell us 7 things about yourself and then pass the award on to 7 other blogs. No worries if you'd rather not.

    Julie xx

  15. Karen, i know what you mean, those cute little faces aagh!

    Ann, Thank you, glad you like it.

    Julie, Thank you so much!

  16. Yes, I still want Easter eggs - and I'm very tempted to rush out and buy all the ones that are reduced in our local Thorntons!


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