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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Glad to see Dobby again

Sorry for my absence. I don't where the time goes! I had to tell myself to do some blogging, I'm going to catch up with everyone's news in a mo!

Yes, Harry Potter, I went to see the new film at weekend, I thought it was terrific!
I was disappointed in the last few films which completely skipped the all important house-elf scenes. Now, all is well and Dobby was back for film 7.
Lots of people say 'do you prefer the films or the books?'
Well I actually love both, I see them as two different things, I think it's been great to watch the films and see the characters grow up in their magical universe. There have been scenes (like Dobby ones) that I was looking forward to seeing on the big screen,to see if it was like I'd imagined in my head, only to find it had been missed out altogether!
For those of you who love HP as much as me, I really wanted to see the first 'scene' in 'Goblet of Fire' when the Weasleys came to the Dursley's to collect Harry. I thought that was hilarious and would have made a funny scene, but no it wasn't made :(
The books have so much more detail in them, I sometimes think the films wouldn't make sense to me if I hadn't already read the books.
I could go on and on...

but I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who's about to go see it!
Anyone been to see it?


  1. I want to see this asap!! I just need to find the time (plus friend who wants to see it with me keep bailing out!! Boooo!! Nevermind!!). Anyway!!!!!! I must say it's brilliant to have the films but I do love the books more cos that's what I read first before the films! I hope that makes sense!!

    Yay for Dobby!! LOL!!! I think that having this two part film makes more sense - more details of the book can be used!!

    Take care

  2. Hi Old Kitty
    Absolutely! Now they're nearly finished I wish they'd done two films for each book! I suppose the kids would be nearly thirty by the time they were done though!

  3. I haven't seen the movie, but I'm glad the house elves are back! He's sooo cute. :)Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I missed a whole night's sleep the night before I went to see the film. Tragically, once I was sitting comfortably at the back of the cinema in the really soft seats they have there, I fell asleep for the whole film. Annoyingly, I saw the tedious adverts all the way through and then, oblivion.

    This is absolutely no reflection on the film. My husband and daughters loved every minute. They kept nudging me, but I was in another zone altogether. I intend to go back and see it next week. In the daytime. After a proper night's sleep!

  5. Hi Aubrie, he is so, so cute!

    Joanna, Oh no! You must have been tired! At least you had a comfy seat. I hope you get chance to see it again.

  6. Good to see you back again!

    I'm not a massive HP fan but I must admit I might even go see it!

  7. Hi Talli, Thank you! Not a HP fan? :o Go see it! Go see it! Well if you want to, I'm not that bossy. Hehe :)

  8. Hi Pen and Paints
    Thanks for coming to the Cadno blog :-) The lesson was fun, but not so the follow up one when the little monkey finally succeeded in dumping mummy - as much to his surprise, as mine, I think!! I'll be blogging it as soon as the bruises have gone down a bit, and I can see the funny side ...
    Glad you enjoyed the HP film (have to confess, I've never read any of the books, and only seen the odd film, when it was old enough to get on TV - ever get the feeling something's passed you by ....?!!)
    Re your PF story, well done on that - roughly how long did it take between acceptance and publication, please? And did they let you know what date it would be in the mag?
    (Hope you don't mind my asking :-)
    Love your cat painting!
    All best and thanks again for your visit

  9. Hi Karla
    Oh no, you poor thing, hope your bruises aren't too bad!
    My PF acceptance was a while ago (a year now) but I remember it well (good times) It was accepted in Nov and published in March, but I know it varies. At the time they sent out contributer's copies, so that was when I knew it was in! Unfortunately I don't think they do that any longer, so I'm not sure if they let you know, but I'm sure they'd be very helpful if you e-mail.

    Glad you like my cat! :)

  10. I was so looking forward to seeing this. Booked tickets for the first night and queued for ages to get the seats of our choice (back row so nobody could put their feet up on my chair or throw popcorn at my head). And then the lights went down...and I promptly fell fast asleep for two full hours. The bits I saw were good though. Am planning a return trip to the cinema as soon as possible.

    I think I do prefer the books, but the films are terrific fun.


  11. A Harry Potter fan I see. Have you checked out the Harry Potter Blogfest over at Michael's?

    yes Dobby was the only JKR character I cried over when he died.


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