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Sunday, 17 October 2010

In need of inspiration

Yes. I am. It's been over two weeks since I wrote anything new. That was a competition entry for 'Time and Space' which is something I've never tried before, a bit of space travel and such. So perhaps I've just been all out of ideas. That's not really true, I have lots of ideas but I'm a bit downhearted. I've had a story back from a magazine, that I've re written six times! I still don't feel able to give up on it, but I'm not quite sure where to go with it.

I'm wondering whether to try something different (different for me). I am just reading 'Relics of the dead' by Ariana Franklin. A historical novel set in 1176, which I'm thoroughly enjoying. It turns out this is the 3rd story about the character, anatomist, Adeila Aguilar, so I think I'll have to read the previous two.

Anyway, I have to admire the amount of research that goes into a historical novel, where facts and fiction are intertwined so wonderfully. At the same time, feeling a little envious of the writer's ability. I have written a young adult book in which the main character has come from the early thirteenth century and has to get back there. My novel, I now feel, fails miserably in any historical accuracy, I tried to get around this by making it a fantasy reality, but I'm not happy. I know what needs to be done. Some research!
Which leads me back to my first sentence.
I know. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, woman, and get on with it!

Thank you all for your comments on my favourite books, It's good to know some of us share similar tastes. I happened to come across a copy of 'First term at Malory Towers' by Enid Blyton, at a charity shop. I had to buy it for nostalgia's sake! That wasn't on my list, but I loved those books!


  1. Oh it's so ok to indulge in feeling sorry for oneself - I think so anyway cos I do this all the time, all the time - someone is always better at this writing malarky than I am and all I want to do is look in the mirror in say how I'm not good at anything - why bother?!?!

    I have no idea how I get out of it but I do eventually and I try again! It's so so hard - I love that you've not given up on your story - but it's also great that you are contemplating making your novel stronger by bulking up on the research.

    I remember sending a chapter to a willing reader years ago - the scene had someone getting a flight from Stansted Airport to Chicago. I didn't think anything of it until this reader came back with "But Stansted Airport plane companies do not fly to America". Shamed and embarassed are cosier words I'd use to describe what I felt when I read that!!!

    So yes, research and detail are important too! LOL!

    Yay for your great book buy!!

    GOOD LUCK with your inspirations - you've got that historical novel - so that's a fab start! Take care

  2. I admire anyone who can write historical - I don't think it's something I cold do.

    Know how you feel about needing inspiration, I haven't written for ages, either.

    Hugs for the R - always tough. But you've sold stories before and you will again, so don't give up. XX

  3. First of all, big hugs. Been there on many occasion and yes, it is alright to feel sorry for yourself from time to time. But as long as you eventually pull yourself up and get on with it, which is exactly what you are doing!

    Believe in yourself and it WILL happen.

  4. Hi Kitty
    Thank yoooou :) Stanstead to Chicago, definately something I'd write. My research is poor, that is virtually non existent. Not anymore, oh no.

    Hi Suzanne, thank you, I won't give up just yet. x

  5. Hi...feeling sorry for yourself is not a bad thing. As for the story that was not selected, leave it aside for few days and then see it with a different perspective. It works. :)


  6. I understand how you feel. I have spent the last few days hating everything I've written and wondering why I ever thought I could write. But I think it is a measure of our need to get it right that makes us feel downhearted. It's a good sign. It means we are passionate and committed. And that's bound to make us feel insecure sometimes, especially when rejections arrive. I had several of those last week. But I keep trying to remind myself of the things that have worked out well. We don't always give ourselves enough credit for the successes we've had along the way.
    I am sure you'll never give up. The low times seem to be part of the writer's journey, I think.

    I love Malory Towers and have recently re-read them all. My twelve-year-old loves them too.

  7. Hi Ellie,
    thanks so much for the hugs, much appreciated, I think we posted at the same time there!:)

    Hi Rachna
    That's good advice, will do!

    Hi Joanna
    Those last few days of yours sound very familiar, and you're right of course. I do keep telling myself, I've done it before, I can do it again, it's something we have to tell oursleves constantly isn't it?

    Yay for Malory Towers, and do you remember 'St Clares' ?

  8. I'm doing a module called Research For Writers in my degree right now. It's all about research (duh!) but I love doing it. Honestly, I could research all day, I just love it so much, because I learn so many different things! But often I get lost in all the information, and of course the real pain is incorporating it into your work!

  9. I'm impressed by anyone who attempts an historical novel - good luck with your research. :-)

  10. Yes, St. Clare's is brilliant! I think I read those first, then was delighted to discover Malory Towers too. I re-read them so many times and felt I really 'knew' those characters. They were a big part of my life. I think St. Clare's had the O'Sullivan twins and I remember wishing I had a twin too!

  11. Hi Alexandra,
    I'm glad you're enjoying your course, sounds interesting!

    Hi Amanda, me too! Thanks!

    Hi Joanna
    Sounds like we were on the same page! It was so sad when their time at school came to an end!


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